Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here lately

****Stupid auto-save....I had this 90% completed and somehow it deleted.  Before I could hit undo it auto-saved and I have NO clue how to get it back.........great****

Here are just a few of the things we've been up to here lately.

Building {state of the art} gingerbread houses.  Yes, it was March, don't judge. :)

Making messes.  Hmm, I think "guilty" is written all over that face. :)

Going to the zoo with Lolly, Madison and Sylvia.  We had so much fun with them!!

Some of our favorites from our trip to the zoo:
Being silly with Daddy
"Hush monkey!  You're too loud!"
Alligators!  Chomp, chomp!
Riding the monorail
Sliding.  Oh how we love to slide!
Tippy toes

Hunting Easter eggs in the wind and rain with the bestie, Emma.

Just being plain cute!


Going to a "Hockey Gaaaaaaaaame!"

Uncle Trav came to see us!
We had so much fun at the hockey game with him...
Go Blackhawks!

And to top it off...

We got a game puck!
Thank you random man! :)
We've been up to {A LOT} lately, how about you?

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