Thursday, May 20, 2010

She's {two}!!

Wow. My baby isn't a baby anymore. She's two. No sign of "baby" left. And while I guess there hasn't really been any signs of "baby" for a while, now it seems official. I can't say she's one anymore. She's officially a toddler and heading into what will hopefully NOT be the terrible two's!
Oh, how I love her so so much!  She lights up my world and constantly makes me laugh with the things that come out of her mouth.  She's one silly, crazy, funny, intelligent, caring, stubborn strong-willed, loving little girl and I wouldn't have it any other way!

As of late:
You talk 90 to nothing. nonstop. all the time!  And I love it!
Most of the time I forget I'm talking to a {now} two year old
Sometimes you talk so fast you can't get the words out right so you end up stuttering--It's so cute!
I love that you communicate and communicate well.

You sing all the time.
Your favorite songs are:
Jesus loves me
"Twinkle in a star"
{Sometimes you get the words wrong}
Hush little

You love playing "mommy"
{even with the other kids...not just your dolls}
You are slightly bossy
It cracks me up to hear you repeat some of the things I say all day
"one more time, that's it"
"Momma told you 'no'!"
"Look at my eyes"
"lay down and go to sleep"
Your new favorite thing to ask your babies is:
"Do you need to go potty?  Okay, let's go!"
I'm afraid you're going to drop one in the toilet....

You love to go to the grocery store
....both real and pretend....
EVERY TIME we say we are going "bye, bye"
you think we are going to "Emma, John, Kari-John, and JAAAYYDDDE's"

You love slides.  And stairs.
Oh my how you love to climb!
I'm waiting for the day you climb out of your crib...
You {love} bubbles.
And tea parties.
And baths.

You absolutely LOVE to make people laugh/smile.

And you constantly make me do both.
I love you sweet girl!

"You're my __________!"

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