Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What I do all day...

***I wrote this several weeks ago and never published it. I had a photo attached of all of the kiddos, but I keep forgetting to ask the parents for permission to put their child's picture on here. So I just took the picture off and decided to post it without it. :::grin:::***

Well, let's see, a {normal} day would look like this...

Play with kids
Feed the kiddos breakfast
check for dirty diapers
(change dirty diapers if needed)
put 2 kids down for a nap
play with the rest of the kiddos
start getting lunch together
get up the babies from napping
feed the kiddos lunch
change diapers
play some more
put {everyone} down for a nap
try and sneak a nap in for myself
(less than 50% success rate with that...)
get everyone up from nap
change diapers
feed the kids a snack
play even more
Parents pick up their kids

So all of that summed, sleep and clean poop.

Today, however, has looked like this.....

play with kids
3 kids fed breakfast
1 given breathing treatment
retrieved toy microphone and potty seat from {toilet}
cleaned the kid playing in toilet
wash the kiddo's shirt since it was covered in toilet water
clean toilet
throw away toy mic that was now {filled} with toilet water
clean potty seat
take 1 potty twice
put 2 down for nap
take 3 outside to play, color and burn off some of this crazy energy
sent 1 inside with hubby b/c she didn't want shoes on
play with 2 outside
bring them inside and tell them "hands up, don't touch anything."
they immediately wiped the sidewalk chalk on the walls and furniture
clean chalk off of the 2 and EVERYTHING they touched
pause here for a moment. It's only 9:45 am at this point. ::grin:: Continue.
play with 3 kids still awake
break up at least 5 "fights"
get the 2 up from nap
start prepping lunch
change 2 diapers
feed all five kiddos
another breathing treatment
1 given a bottle
break up at least 5 more "fights"
1 sat in time out twice
check for dirty diapers
change 2 more diapers
1 taken to potty again and changed pull-up
all 5 put down for a nap {!!!}
finally eat lunch for myself
sit down to write this post at 1:15 pm
2 wake up way too early
put two back to sleep

It's now just a bit after 2:00 pm...

I still have the "after nap" routine left. We'll see how that goes! :::grin:::
}hopefully not repeat{

I love what I do. And I would today over again a million times if it meant I would still get to stay at home with McKinnley. I love the kids I watch. Some may criticize that I have no life and I'm "stuck" here at home, but I don't agree at all. Sure, it definitely has it's challenges and some days I just want to pull my hair out and cry, but it's so worth it. Not only do I get to stay home with my baby girl, but I get the opportunity to shape and mold 4 other beautiful children.

Thank you Jessica and Nick, Aimee and Ryan, and Mark and Sara for trusting me with your precious kiddos. I love them so much...even on days like today.


  1. May I just say...I do not miss this part of that age!! I was not a great mother to toddlers...=) you are obviously doing an excellent job!

  2. What a day! Its days like that, that keep us young! It takes a very special person to watch children and it looks like your doing a great job.

    Being a stay at home mom is the greatest job in the world. No one ever said it would be easy but those first few years of your child's life are critical. I am blessed to get to stay at home as well!