Thursday, February 11, 2010

The day we found out...

...we were pregnant, we were {beyond} excited. The line was so faint, I took 3 tests just to make sure!! We weren't trying to get pregnant so it definitely came as a shock. We hugged, we laughed, we cried tears of joy....and then I thought, "Oh my, can we really do this? Can we afford this? Are we ready? Where will we live? The apartment is WAY too small for a baby!" And fear of the unknown gripped my heart...for about 3 seconds. Then Scott grabbed me, hugged me and whispered, "Babe, we're gonna have a baby! {Everything's} going to be fine. It's okay!" I laughed. I couldn't believe I went from excitement to fear back to excitement in 20 seconds flat! We wanted to go to the doctor and confirm the pregnancy (remember the faint line...) so we decided to wait to tell our parents. It was SOOO hard to keep it a secret from them. Luckily, we didn't have to wait too long. We made an appointment for the next day. :::grin:::

Dr. S was great. He made me feel so comfortable and we laughed pretty much the whole time. He's such a character! He, of course, confirmed that I was {indeed} pregnant....barely 5 weeks, but still, PREGNANT!! He even joked that I was just barely pregnant. I couldn't believe it. We were going to have a baby! He gave us a sonogram picture of what looked like a BB and scheduled an 8 week appointment. So off we went, still on a high, not believing what was happening. We sat in the car for a little bit and discussed back and forth whether we should call our parents.

We decided to go to Target.

Once we got inside Target we went straight to the greeting card section. We scanned over the cards for who knows how long until we found the perfect one. We snatched up three of them and went to the baby section. What to buy, what to buy? We looked at everything and just couldn't decide.

So we bought Gerber baby spoons. Exciting, I know, but we loved them and they were perfect!

We mailed out the cards and waited for our parents to call. My parents got the card first since they live closer and then finally Scott's parents called. Everyone one had the same response..."Are you saying what I {think} you're saying?!?!"

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