Friday, October 22, 2010


Started WAY too early.  Well, technically, it didn't start any earlier than any other day for me; I just didn't get {near} enough sleep last night.  Here's a little recap from 11:00 pm to now.....

:::Went to bed way too late.  But unfortunately, it's become a bit of the norm around here.  Oops!
:::McKinnley drifted off fairly easily and quickly.
:::I thought for sure I would be asleep by 11:30
:::I would drift off to the point I where I was neither fully asleep nor awake, only to cough myself right out of that weird dream land.
:::{This went on until 2:00 am}
:::Scott came down with something similar to what I'm just now getting over and was up and down all night.
:::McKinnley had nightmares all. night. long. :(  She talks and cries in her sleep when she has them.  And last night was bad.  She normally doesn't wake up from them, but last night she would wake up after a talking episode, crying and asking for me.
:::There were 3 distinct times this happened and it took forever to calm her back down enough so she would go back to sleep.
:::5:30 am awake for NO reason
:::6:15 am awake {again} for no reason
:::6:50 alarm goes off
:::Get up, get ready, fall back asleep on the couch until Malachi showed up.
:::10-something find McKinnley sucking down and entire tube of toothpaste.  Luckily it was the flouride-free kind
:::Call poison control to make sure everything would be okay.
:::Oscar told me she should be fine, but would most likely experience diarrehea and possibly dehydration.  {He'd be calling back to check}.
:::Art project with McKinnley and Mali.  Successfully managed to keep the paint off my carpet!
:::McKinnley refuses to go to sleep during nap time for over an hour.
:::She get up to go to the bathroom and flushes 3/4 of the roll of toilet paper down the toilet.
:::It came within {1/2 an inch} of overflowing.
:::Multiple plunges later, it finally goes down.

:::It's now 2:30 pm and I have a L.O.N.G. night ahead of me.  Let's hope it goes a little smoother!

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